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Tree Removal Permit Application
A Tree Removal Permit is required to remove any "protected tree" on private property and costs $350.00. A protected tree is:
  • Any single trunk tree 38 inches or greater in circumference or 12 inches or greater in diameter
  • Any multi-trunk tree which has at least one trunk 38 inches or greater in circumference OR where the measurements of the multi-trunks added together equal at least 113 inches

    The circumference or diameter of the tree is measured 4.5 feet above the ground.

    Removal or damage of any protected tree without an approved permit is unlawful and can result in fines or penalties.

    If the Tree Removal Permit Application includes a certified arborist report, please submit the application with the report in person at the E-One Stop Permit Center.

    PLEASE NOTE that removal of a street tree (located in the public right-of-way or in a sidewalk parkway strip) requires a different permit from the Trees and Landscaping Division of the Department of Public Works. If the tree you wish to remove is in the front yard, near the sidewalk, or if there is no sidewalk, near the curb, check whether the tree is a street tree by contacting the Trees and Landscape Division at (408) 730-7506.

    Step 1:  Please read and understand the Tree Removal Permit Application process
    Step 2:  Enter text into all of the required fields below then click the 'Submit' button.
    For assistance or questions, contact the Planning Division at (408) 730-7444.

    Tree Information
    Examples: 456 Olive, 650 W Olive Av #A1
    *Species/Type of Tree and Location on Property
    Example: Pine tree in northwest corner of back yard.
    *Reason for Removal

    Example: Tree is unhealthy.
    *Number of trees

    Property Owner Information
    *Zip Code
    *Phone Example: 408-730-7444
    Credit Card Information
    Order Total $350.00
    *Credit Card Type

    *Credit Card #
    *Expiration Date
    *Cardholder's Name
    *Zip Code
    In order to process a Tree Removal Permit application, the City Arborist and Planning staff must enter your property to inspect the tree(s).  By applying for a Tree Removal Permit, you are consenting to an on-site inspection.   If you would like to be notified prior to inspection or would like to be present, please check the box below.   Be advised requesting notification is likely to delay the processing time of your application.
    *I understand The $350.00 fee for the Tree Removal Permit Application is to cover the cost of reviewing the application and inspecting the tree. Once the inspection is complete, the fee is non-refundable, regardless of whether the permit is approved or not.
    I have read and understand the Tree Removal Permit process.

    I certify that I am the property owner of the above address, have completed this application, and state that the information provided is correct. I agree to comply with all city and county ordinance and state laws relating to tree removal.

    I understand that I am required to sign this permit application, and I hereby agree that by entering my name in the space above, I intend it to have the same effect as my written signature. (Civil Code 1633.1 et seq.)

    If this permit is approved, planting of a replacement tree somewhere on the property is typically required as a standard condition of approval for removal of a protected tree.

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