Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvement Request

The City of Sunnyvale welcomes comments and suggestions from concerned bicyclists and pedestrians regarding existing problems or potential low-cost improvements to enhance safety, improve the City's bicycle facilities, and encourage bicycling (e.g.; pavement maintenance, signing, striping, loop detection and signal timing, bike rack installation, hazard removal, education, enforcement, etc.).

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For further information, contact the Traffic Engineering Division at (408)730-7330 or by fax at (408)730-7286.

Road hazards located on a Caltrans (El Camino Real) or County Roads facility (Central Expressway/Lawrence Expressway) may be reported by using this form. You may also report the hazard directly to the operating agency. Hazards located on a Caltrans facility may be reported by calling 510-286-5598. Hazards located on a County Roads facility may be reported to roads@countyroads.org.  You may also go to service.countyroads.org.

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