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Irrigation Sprinklers Permit Requirements
This permit will allow installation of exterior irrigation sprinklers. Following are the minimum requirements that must be met based on the 2016 California Plumbing Code:
  • The sprinkler pipe is to be installed 12" below grade. (CPC 603.5)
  • The anti-siphon value is to be installed 6" above the highest sprinkler head. (CPC 603.5)
The Irrigation Sprinklers Permit is NOT available on-line if you are:
  • Replacing the water meter (at the sidewalk).
If the condition above applies, the permit shall be issued at the One-Stop Permit Center, City Hall, 456 W Olive Avenue. Specific process information is available at the Building Division web site.

  • A final inspection is required after all the work is completed.
City of Sunnyvale Community Development E-OneStop
456 W. Olive Ave. Sunnyvale, CA 94086